What's Next After High School?

Presented by Megan Fitzpatrick,

Founder & CEO at The Fitz Solution

Megan Fitzpatrick is a passionate lifelong educator who is inspired by the tenacity and passion of the younger generations. She is founder of the @fitzsolution and creator of #TheUltimateSelfie.

Her programs are committed to empowering teens to define their strengths and core values to lead passion-driven lives. The Fitz Solution was founded with the understanding of the importance of #nongoogleable knowledge for our younger generation.

Attention, Parents of Teens:

Unlock the Blueprint for Success After

High School!

Are you a parent filled with questions about what lies ahead for your teenager after high school graduation? Do you find yourself uncertain about the best path to help them achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential? Well, fret no more!

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This exclusive masterclass is designed especially for parents like you who want to empower their teens with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the post-high school world. We understand the overwhelming choices and concerns that come with this pivotal life stage, and we're here to provide you with the guidance you need.

This masterclass covers:

Unveiling the


Discover a comprehensive overview of the myriad of pathways available after high school, including college, vocational training, entrepreneurship, and more. Gain clarity on which route aligns best with your teen's goals, strengths, and interests.

Empowering Decision-Making

Master the art of helping your teenager make informed decisions about their future. Learn how to foster their self-awareness, identify their passions, and explore potential career paths, ensuring they embark on a journey that truly ignites their passion.

College Application Roadmap

Demystify the college application process and gain insider tips on how to maximize your teen's chances of acceptance.

Exploring Alternative Pathways

Understand the numerous alternative options available beyond traditional college education. Explore apprenticeships, vocational training programs, gap years, and innovative online learning platforms, opening up a world of exciting opportunities for your teen.

By the end of this transformative masterclass, you'll be on the road to more knowledge, confidence, and actionable strategies to help your teenager make the best choices for their future.

Together, let's start the process to ensure they embark on a path that leads to a fulfilling and prosperous life.

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